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Welcome to the University of Maryland, Home and Garden Information Center's
Landscape Problem Solver Web Site!

This site offers photographic keys to help diagnose and solve plant problems, using Integrated Pest Management principles.

Initial development of this site in 1998, was made possible by a grant from the Northeast Regional IPM Grants Program, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

New Educational Resource Section! - Preview posters on "Sustainable Lawn Care," diversify your garden with "Expert Plant Picks,"and manage pests responsibly with our new "Pest Posters" Posters are available on the Educational Resources page. Complete our short form to access print versions of the posters.

An "Expert Plant Picks" banner is available for use at events, field days etc. It is located on the poster download page.

Please use Adobe Reader 7 or higher to download the PDF files. The latest version of Adobe Reader can be found at : http://get.adobe.com/reader/

For site directions and basic IPM information please choose from the list below:
Site Directions
Developing Diagnostic and Decision Making Skills
Non-Chemical Control Strategies For Pests and Diseases
How to Decide When to Take Action Against a Pest, Disease, or Environmental Problem.


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